Capital Powers Your Business Today and for the Future

In any market and any economic climate, your business is only as good as its finances. Cash flow and access to capital are critical to every business. You need a funding partner that listens...and delivers. Capital Lending Corp. serves the business community the same way it serves every sector-as people caring about people. We recognize your talent. Owning your own business sets you apart. As an entrepreneur, you take risks, face challenges, seek opportunities and have to react to constantly changing market conditions. At Capital Lending, we understand, we listen and we strive to provide assistance in times of need and to support your efforts to grow and expand. We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs.

Whether your business needs real estate financing, equipment loans and leases, or asset-based lending, Capital Lending Corp. can arrange it. We can help fund your accounts receivables or your purchase orders, turning them into cash quickly. If you seek a business line of credit or a facility line, Capital Lending Corp. can tailor a program to meet your needs. We can structure the right combination of debt and equity financing for your particular business. Most importantly, we will study your situation and make recommendations for you as to the most appropriate options.

Whether you are expanding your business or just need to restructure your existing debt to improve your current cash flow, we offer solutions. Capital Lending Corp. serves businesses all over the U.S. with no maximum limit to qualified applicants. Transactions overseas  start at $10 million. As you build your business and need capital at higher levels, we would like to grow with you. Capital Lending Corp. can assist you with access to products and services including, but not limited to:

  • Mergers and Acquisition Financing
  • Venture Capital
  • Investment Banking Solutions