Bringing the Power of Capital to the World...With International Business Financing

Today, we live in a world without borders. Emerging markets provide some of the best growth opportunities. We help companies expand, so their profits can grow. At Capital Lending Corp., our business model builds on our ability to raise capital where opportunities exist-and where other traditional financing institutions may not allow you to grow.

If you are seeking financing for projects outside the U.S. starting at $10 million, Capital Lending Corp. has the ability to arrange the financing. We provide access to competitive capital and solutions. We facilitate the funding necessary to complete significant international transactions, including, but not limited to infrastructure, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism and technology. We are willing to arrange financing for U.S. and non-U.S. firms looking to expand. We will entertain both private sector and public sector projects.

In these times, when every responsible company and government engages in efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and improve its use of natural resources, Capital Lending Corp. secures financing for energy-related projects as well. Our comprehensive approach offers funding for your geothermal, solar or natural gas project, as well as providing access to the critical resources for completion-high quality suppliers and consultants.

No matter how unique the transaction or how large the project, for either the public or the private sector, inquire about our overseas opportunities. Tap into the power of Capital Lending Corp.'s global funding capabilities.